The story of an amazing idea

As it sometimes is the case with great ideas: It all starts in a garage. In this case, it was located in the Swabian town of Stuttgart-Botnang and was used by Peter Kostyrka to turn his vision into reality: The KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeve, developed in 1969, opened up new applications for effectively supporting the functional sequence of modern machines, locking and release at lightning speed, picking up high forces and saving installation space.

Worldwide clamping: KOSTYRKA

Today, KOSTYRKA is synonymous with high-tech solutions in machine and fixture design, where KOSTYRKA® clamping elements have a market share of 75%. KOSTYRKA® brand clamping sleeves and expanding sleeves, as well as clamping rings, clamping strips and clamping disks, ensure that moving parts are locked and released securely and without reaction worldwide.

In addition to a range of standard products, individual solutions are created together with the customer, from the initial idea through to commissioning.

Partnership and confidence

Partnership and confidence are values that have characterized the company from the very beginning and ensured its success. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. The employees work on this with knowledge acquired over decades and the greatest personal commitment. As KOSTYRKA is a one-stop shop for everything from design and production to dispatch, the company is highly responsive and flexible.

The corporate culture is based on the company founder and visionary Peter Kostyrka, who has always shown great respect and appreciation for his employees through his very personal and appreciative management style.

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