The story of an amazing idea

Clamp what is round
This is how it sometimes is with great ideas: Their triumphant success begins in a garage. In this case, it was located in Stuttgart-Botnang in the Swabian region of Germany and was used by the engineer Peter A. Kostyrka to make his vision a reality. It involved developing an adherence-actuated shaft-hub joint that effectively supports the operation cycle of modern machines.

The road to success
As early as 1969, Peter A. Kostyrka developed clamping elements with the goal of being able to transmit great forces, open and close with lightning speed, as well as being as compact as possible. Hydraulic oil presented itself as the ideal pressure medium. The load transmission element was to be a flexible metallic cylinder. Unfortunately, a solid metal design turned out to be too inflexible and a plastic jacket alone was not resistent enough. Only the combination of a suitable synthetic material with a longitudinally slitted metal cylinder resulted in the desired success - the KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeve.

To succeed and ensure success
Today, the original KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeve has a market share of 75% in mechanical engineering. They are used for both standard requirements and individual solutions. These individual solutions are developed by the KOSTYRKA engineers together with the customers and implemented right up to commissioning. Partnership, trust and goal-oriented creativity are the values that have defined the company and ensured its success from the outset.

The development continues
The KOSTYRKA® principle is employed today in a broad range of solutions. KOSTYRKA® brand cylindrical clamping sleeves, flange type clamping sleeves, expanding sleeves, clamping rings, clamping strips and clamping discs ensure worldwide that moving parts are held in place and released again securely and reaction-free. KOSTYRKA achieved another milestone in development with the KOSTYRKA® Universal Holding Fixture (UHF). The Universal Holding Fixture adjusts itself very flexibly to diverse components and enables huge savings during design and production, as well as reducing storage, set-up and logistics costs. Further information is provided on the following pages.

Today small installation spaces and extremely short cycle times are also required, as with punching machines of Trumpf GmbH.

The prototype
clamping sleeve
from 1969.

Original KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves were used from the beginning where high holding forces were required, as shown by the example of a 2000 tons press.