Engineering partnership

We accompany development processes

At KOSTYRKA, partnership with our customers means finding individual solutions and accompanying development processes from the start - that's why clamping sleeves are usually custom tailored. A joint project often starts with a checklist which covers all customer requirements, e.g. the duration and frequency of the clamping processes, information on the process speed or maximum torques, and sometimes also a hand-drawn sketch of the required part. It is often initially necessary to clarify the terms used. When customers require clamping sleeves or spring collets, clamping buses or retaining bushes, clamping mandrels and expansion mandrels, they mean KOSTYRKA clamping sleeves in most cases.

Orientation to customer requirements

Based on the customer specifications, KOSTYRKA initially prepares an exact calculation of all parameters. Then a technical drawing is produced. In addition to the standard sizes, KOSTYRKA produces virtually any desired sleeve - with inside diameters from six to over 1.800 millimetres. The KOSTYRKA engineers find solutions for an extremely broad range of installation dimensions, individually calculate holding forces and develop options for generating pressure, e.g. with KOSTYRKA hydraulic pressure generators. With a multitude of air-oil and oil-oil hydraulic pressure intensifiers and a whole range of different transmission ratios, they ensure that high-pressure oil is available wherever it’s needed.

Step by step to a customer-oriented solution: KOSTYRKA accompanies the development process from the first drawing all the way up to the individually manufactured sleeve.