The original KOSTYRKA clamping sleeve

The principle: Brilliantly simple, simply brilliant

The main items of every KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeve are flexible bushes made from a metal-plastic composite. They are axially held in housings and surround the part and clamp it by applying pressure oil to the sleeve jacket. Especially interesting: The oil pressure is converted loss- and reaction-free into a radially acting clamping force. The sleeves spring back elastically to their starting position after the oil pressure is removed, and the previously clamped part is released again. The surfaces of the clamped parts are not damaged with this adherence-actuated form of power transmission.

The development of modern machine tools was decisively influenced by the use of the KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeve. It enables extremely high holding forces, is designed for overall program-controlling, opens and closes at lightning speed and supports the designer with its unique compact concept. No wonder KOSTYRKA has delivered hundreds of thousands of clamping sleeves to machine and fixture manufacturers worldwide until today.

Precise and non-wearing
Precision and longevity of the KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves are a prerequisite for smooth manufacturing. It‘s just not that easy to disassemble and reassemble a 2500 tons press overnight for repairs. The high customer expectations for product quality ensure the use of modern manufacturing and control procedures. Then they can depend on reliable operation day after day and year after year.

Diameter from 6 to over 1800 mm, pressure up to 600 bar
KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves are available with an inner diameter ranging from 6 to over 1800 mm and lengths up to 900 mm and more for operating pressures up to 600 bar. In addition, KOSTYRKA likes to move together with the customers in further dimensions.