The principle

Precision performance through custom tailored clamping technology
For nearly 50 years now, the KOSTYRKA principle has enabled precision performance in an extremely broad range of applications. In the process, the hydraulic clamping technology from KOSTYRKA has had a major influence on the development of modern machine tools. KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves can be adapted in a highly flexible manner to an extremely broad range of components, close and open in an instant and therefore make it possible to securely fix machine parts in the desired position.

Clamping and tensioning with oil pressure
The extremely high holding forces of the KOSTYRKA clamping sleeves result by applying oil pressure to the sleeve jacket. If the required oil pressure is not provided by the system, an additional KOSTYRKA® hydraulic pressure intensifier can be used.

Top technology with a long service life

Modern production systems have to operate reliably and efficiently. And that every single day for many years. Failures mean financial losses. The quality of each individual component is decisive for the reliability of a system. And that's why product development, high manufacturing quality and state-of-the-art checking processes play a central role at KOSTYRKA. The result is top clamping technology designed for a maximum service life.