Adaptive clamping and fixture systems

  • Pin Jaws - a slide clamping system

    Pin Jaws: Top jaws for conventional NC vices in standard and customized sizes and solutions

Complex workpieces - simply fixed

In addition to classic clamping devices such as stops, clamps, etc., adaptive clamping and fixture systems have adjustable elements that support the contour of the workpiece to be machined against the forces that occur. These elements are usually applied to the contour anew for each workpiece. This ensures that the elements are actually in contact with the workpiece. This is particularly advantageous for workpieces with dimensional deviations (e.g. cast parts) or free-form surfaces.

Adaptive systems are developed and manufactured in cooperation with the customer specifically for the respective application.

Pin Jaws - top jaws for conventional NC vices

KOSTYRKA's Pin Jaws allow fast and precise molding of almost any workpiece contour. Shape-specific clamping jaws can be created within seconds. A side effect of the resulting shaped element is a reduction in the actual clamping forces required due to a positive locking component. Pin Jaws are always used in conjunction with a vice.

These jaws are available for common vice dimensions. They are available either with spring-loaded or pneumatically actuated pins.

Adaptive device for machining a combustor ring (engine part from the aviation industry)

Such unmachined composite components usually have deviations in terms of roundness. In addition, they often have low dimensional stability. A high degree of support points is therefore essential for machining. This requirement can be easily met with the adaptive systems from KOSTYRKA. The core elements here are axially movable support pins that are locked in position after the contour has been adapted.

Adaptive device for processing a convex mirror blank for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT)

The basic structure of the device, which holds the blank in position during the entire process, is based on three groups, each with six hydraulically adjustable and individually lockable supports. Each group represents a communicating pipe. In addition to the hydraulic power unit, the supports also have KOSTYRKA® screw pumps, which can be used to introduce minimal amounts of oil into the system. This means that the supports can be moved up and down very precisely and the blank can be set up exactly using suitable measuring technology.

Multiple supports

The multiple bolt support shown (customized version) has 2 x 5 bolt with a diameter of 25 mm (1 in) and a stroke of 75 mm (3 in). As a special feature, it has an integrated pressure generator so that it can be used completely independently.


  • The KOSTYRKA® Adaptive Clamping used by Company Schott AG. Within one year, the original 10-ton blank was grinded to its final convex aspherical shape with a thickness of only 10cm (~4”) and a final mass of 3 tons (6.600 lbs).

  • The BOEING COMPANY uses the KOSTYRKA® UHF device for clamping wing elements. This impresses with maximum repeat accuracy at a length of 60 m (65 yd) and strokes of up to 800 mm (32 in). It can be flexibly adapted to other part geometries.

Adaptive clamping brochure

You can download further information on the functionality, forces and dimensions here. You are also welcome to contact us directly.

Slide clamping system Pin Jaw Brochure

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