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Clamping Flat Machine Elements

KOSTYRKA® clamping parts for flat machine elements lock pallets, slides, stands, supports, tailstocks, turrets and much more. They are characterized by high clamping forces, prompt reaction and are exceptionally compact. Another advantage of this principle: Virtually no wear and tear and an almost unlimited durability.

KOSTYRKA® clamping parts for flat machine elements are available in various shapes and designs, both as individual components and as ready-to-install solutions.


After pressure is applied onto the clamping strip or clamping disc, the normal force FNB is produced on the clamping surface B, and the counterforce FGA is produced on the opposite surface A.

Due to the fit clearance, which would impair precise positioning of the part being clamped, clamping stripes and discs must not be subjected to any laterally-acting forces.

For this reason, it is not the normal force FNB that is used to determine the clamping force FK but instead only the counterforce FGA arising on the opposite surface A.

Clamping discs

When pressure is applied, the KOSTYRKA® clamping discs are pressed out of their locating bore like pistons, contact the component to be clamped and press it against the clamping surface. Once the oil pressure has been fully released, the clamping discs move back by around 0.01 mm (0.0004 in) without the seal moving in the locating bore. There is practically no wear. This ensures trouble-free operation with maximum durability.

The clamping discs are available in standard sizes as well as in customized dimensions. Please enquire.

clamping strips

The function of KOSTYRKA® clamping strips is essentially the same as that of KOSTYRKA® clamping discs. Here too, when pressure is applied, the clamping strip is pushed out of its mounting groove like a piston, contacts the element to be clamped and presses it against the clamping surface. The clamping force depends on the geometric dimensions, the available hydraulic pressure and the coefficient of friction. Clamping strips are always customized.

clamping cassettes

KOSTYRKA® clamping cassettes consist of one or more clamping strips or clamping disks that are installed in a housing - the cassette. This results in a compact, ready-to-install clamping element. It only needs to be connected to the hydraulic supply.

clamping rings

KOSTYRKA® clamping rings are circular clamping strips (ring pistons) mounted in a housing. When pressure is applied, this annular piston is pressed out of the housing. Strokes of several 1/10 mm (0.004 in) can also be realized using appropriate spring elements for the reset. Clamping rings are always designed and manufactured according to customer specifications.


  • Oerlikon bevel gear cutting machine from Klingelnberg. At Klingelnberg GmbH, KOSTYRKA® clamping strips and discs are used for a wide variety of tasks.

  • The drilling and milling centers of Union Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH require the control of high forces with short cycle times. The machining table is held securely cycle by cycle by KOSTYRKA® clamping disks.

  • In machine tools from INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG, several KOSTYRKA® clamping devices ensure reliable implementation of short cycle times with little installation space.

Clamping flat Maschine elementes

You can find further information on the functionality, forces and dimensions as a download here. You are also welcome to contact us directly.

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