Clamping discs Standard dimensions

There are virtually no limits to the design possibilities of these elements. Over the years, several sizes of KOSTYRKA® clamping discs have shown as being ideal for many applications and are therefore always in stock.

Special dimensions deviating from this are manufactured according to customer-specific requirements. The maximum working pressure for KOSTYRKA® clamping discs in the standard range is 450 bar (6500 psi).

For higher pressures, please contact our development department.

Type no. Diameter Height
5650.16 16 mm 8 mm
5650.22 22 mm 8 mm
5650.28 28 mm 8 mm
5650.32 32 mm 8 mm
5650.42 42 mm 8 mm
5650.52 52 mm 8 mm
5650.64 64 mm 8 mm

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