hydraulic pressure intensifiers

  • Air-oil pressure intensifier

    Standard and customized sizes and solutions

  • Oil-oil pressure intensifier

    Standard and customized sizes and solutions

  • Pressure accumulator

    Standard and customized sizes and solutions

  • Screw pumps

    Standard and customized sizes and solutions

Low pressure transferred into high pressure

In many cases, machine tools have a hydraulic supply that is not sufficient to achieve the required forces in clamping devices of any kind, in clamping and supporting elements or in hydraulically operated devices. Often there is no hydraulic supply available at all, only compressed air. KOSTYRKA offers a variety of different solutions for adequate pressure generators and intensifiers that take these circumstances into account. The compact design of KOSTYRKA® pressure generators and intensifiers allows installation even in limited spaces.

All pressure generators are available in a variety of standard sizes. These are generally available from stock. However, the modular design of the pressure generators allows the engineering of quick and cost-effective solutions according to customer`s requirements.

Air-oil pressure intensifier

The function of these pressure intensifiers is based on a differential piston that transfers pneumatic pressure (6 bar / 90psi) into hydraulic pressure of up to 300 bar (4350 psi). It should be noted that a defined volume of oil is compressed with these pressure intensifiers. Therefore, always an adjustment to the application is required.

In addition to 5 standardized sizes, which are available from stock, KOSTYRKA also offers customer-specific solutions.

Oil-oil pressure intensifier

The function of these pressure intensifiers is also based on a differential piston. Here, however, there is already a hydraulic pressure at the input, which is transferred into a higher pressure. The special feature of KOSTYRKA® oil-oil pressure intensifiers is their automatic refill function. Any small oil losses in the high-pressure cycle of the system are automatically compensated by a suction valve from the feed line.

In addition to 6 standard types, customer-specific intensifiers are of course also available.

Screw pumps

So-called screw pumps of various sizes are available for simple applications. These enable manual compression of the hydraulic oil with the aid of a screw.

Besides the standard 1220.16 and 1220.25 series customer-specific solutions are always possible. Please contact our Development Department for details.

Pressure accumulator

The core of the KOSTYRKA® pressure accumulator is a gas pressure spring element that generates the respective hydraulic pressure.

Advantage: The accumulated energy is available even if the primary energy should fail. This maintains the holding force or holding torque in the KOSTYRKA® clamping elements. The machine's existing hydraulics or a KOSTYRKA® pressure intensifier is used for releasing.

Advantages of the pressure accumulator:

Safety if the primary energy fails, energy saving, retrofittable


  • In test and inspection systems from NETZSCH GABO Instruments GmbH, KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves are operated with KOSTYRKA® air-oil pressure intensifiers specially manufactured for this application.

  • Use of pressure intensifiers for decentralized hydraulic supply in assembly systems

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You can find further information on the functionality, forces and dimensions as a download here. You are also welcome to contact us directly.

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