Clamping Sleeves with flange ring

Linear or rotary - everything is clamped

Torques that occur on spindles and shafts, for example, require clamping sleeves with an integrated flange ring. KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves with flange ring are available in a wide variety of versions. KOSTYRKA® expanding sleeves with or without flange ring are used for clamping turntables and dividing heads.

KOSTYRKA® Clamping sleeves with flange ring

Clamping sleeves with flange ring absorb axial and tangential forces. Otherwise, the method of operation, materials used, operating conditions and tolerances correspond to classic clamping sleeves with flange ring. This means they clamp the parts without axial movement and they develop extremely high forces in a very small space. KOSTYRKA® clamping sleeves with flange ring are always made to meet particular customer requirements. KOSTYRKA currently makes over 2,000 versions.