KOSTYRKA hydraulic pressure intensifiers

For an optimum pressure supply.

The principle: Turning low pressure into high pressure

Many machine tools have either too-low hydraulic pressure or even none at all, only compressed air. This means that clamping fixtures on round and flat guides, as well as clamping and support elements in hydraulically actuated devices, cannot be operated.


Whether it‘s air-oil or oil-oil:

The solution to these pressure problems: KOSTYRKA® hydraulic pressure intensifiers. A wide range of air-oil and oil-oil hydraulic pressure intensifiers with many different transmission ratios ensures that high-pressure oil is available wherever it‘s needed – at low cost and without the need for additional maintenance work. The compact design of KOSTYRKA® hydraulic pressure intensifiers allows them to be installed even in tight spaces.


Besides the KOSTYRKA® hydraulic pressure intensifiers that are available from stock, KOSTYRKA also supplies customer-specific solutions.