KOSTYRKA-automatic refilling device

The KOSTYRKA®-automatic refilling device was specially developed for using KOSTYRKA®-air-oil hydraulic pressure intensifiers. In a closed high-pressure system, it is particularly important to ensure perfect and complete venting when the oil volume is limited. It is also necessary to compensate for drag oil losses, which are very minor but nevertheless noticeable over time. The KOSTYRKA®-automatic refilling device 4610.10 meets both of these requirements. Installed at the highest point of the hydraulic system, it completely vents the entire system after only a short time.



pessure medium: mineral oil-based hydraulic oils with a kinematic viscosity up to max. 32 mm²/s (32 cSt) at 40° C;

maximum pressure: 450 bar;

replenishment volume: 9 ml (20 ml or 66 ml on request);

installation position: upright only, connection downwards

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