Special solutions - examples

Individual solutions
KOSTYRKA developed a solution that's just as extraordinary as it is successful in cooperation with ThyssenKrupp Drauz Nothelfer: A hydraulic ball clamping device with which interconnected struts can be fixed in place in any spatial orientation.

Slide and tailstock clamps in machining centres of Traub GmbH require clamping cycles up to 30 min. and longer. Ready-to-install KOSTYRKA clamping cassettes guarantee maintenance-free operation.

Operation test bench for a periscope clamp of company Carl Zeiss GmbH like those used in submarines. Continuous testing guarantees perfection.

KOSTYRKA produces any desired sleeve for all types of machining, holding forces and numbers of cycles.

The inside diameters can be between six and over 2,000 millimetres, and the tolerances can lie in the 1,000ths range.

KOSTYRKA, the specialist for highly flexible solutions in the field of hydraulic clamping technology, develops and manufactures custom tailored solutions for an extremely broad range of requirements.
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