Adaptive Clamping

KOSTYRKA® Adaptive Clamping - The principle

Adaptive clamping elements and fixtures can adapt the outline of the workpiece. With that kind of approach we meet the challenge of clamping thin walled and instable parts as well as f. e. free-form surfaces or cast parts, which usually have greater tolerances, that way, a precision machining processes can be realized. The goal is to support the parts as much as possible against the occurring forces out of the machining process. The higher that kind of form fit, the lower the required clamping forces and therefore the additional strain to the part.

The base of this approach are usually axial moveable pins. These pins are guided and hydraulically locked by KOSTYRKA© clamping sleeves. The pre- and backstroke of the pins will be realized either be an integrated spring or with compressed air. In case of compressed air a special air flow will control the moving speed of the pins as well as the contact force to the part by changing the air pressure and flow. Based on this function a custom made solution will be realized.