The KOSTYRKA quality - Hold tight and release

Unmistakably secure, securely unmistakable
There is a very simple formula for KOSTYRKA quality: Install it and forget it. All KOSTYRKA products are designed to exceed the life cycle of the machines in which they ensure smooth operation.

Consistent individual part inspection
The strict customer criteria for KOSTYRKA products are satisfied by the use of the most modern manufacturing and control procedures. As a result, KOSTYRKA can manufacture for tolerances up to 3 decimal places. And every part that leaves the machines is put to the acid test via an individual part inspection.


Tested and distinguished
Quality is traceable at KOSTYRKA. All important geometrical characteristics of the clamping elements are checked via a 3-D measuring machine and recorded in a test certificate. An additional microscopic test inspects the parts for burrs and chips. And a cast iron leak test makes sure that a part can also withstand pressures up to 600 bar securely and lastingly. The end of the KOSTYRKA quality test is the labelling of every product. It‘s the visible proof that the part has passed all tests to reliably fulfil its respective tasks for years to come. Just like hundreds of thousands of KOSTYRKA parts before it.

We‘ll also be happy to arrange customer audits for customers who would like to verify KOSTYRKA quality management themselves.

Better solutions through direct communication
The interface to the customer at KOSTYRKA is the design area. This is where engineer meets engineer. And this is where a solution that fits is reached together with the customer. Regardless of whether they come from the standard product range or, as often, they must be developed from scratch.


Test certificates of KOSTYRKA® clamping elements.


A clamping sleeve is checked for excistence of burrs and chips under a microscope.


KOSTYRKA®-Customers benefit from many decades of exprerience in manufacturing and quality assurance.

FEM Analyse

FEM analysis (Finite Element Analysis) of a KOSTYRKA® flange type clamping sleeve.


The laser measurement process makes sure that the clamping sleeves meet the required tolerances.


Operation test bench for a Zeiss periscope clamp like those used in submarines. Continuous testing guarantees perfection.

Produkt- und Auftragsnummer

KOSTYRKA® flange type clamping sleeve with product and order number.